Setup Kundera with standalone Cassandra

by Vivek Mishra


Setup Kundera with standalone Cassandra:

Note: Currently Kundera supports Cassandra 0.8.2. You can download Cassandra releases from here.

1)      Setup an environment variable “CASSANDRA_HOME” to Cassandra home directory (e.g. D:\vivek\source\cassandra-0.8.2)

2)      Download Kundera configurator from here

3)      Change to the directory where this jar file is saved and run the below command:
java -jar kunderaConfigurator.jar

You’ll see an output similar to the one shown below:

4)       In case you want to use Kundera executable to develop your application, you can download it from here. (Else you can build Kundera-2.0.3 source code for the same).

5)       You need to add “”, as unfortunately Cassandra release is not able to locate this file internally within executable jar. (You can find this file /src/main/resources)So you need to put this as follows:



OR like:

6)     Modify your persistence.xml to include

<property name=“server.config” value=“$CASSANDRA_HOME/conf/cassandra.yaml”/>

 Replace $CASSANDRA_HOME -> your cassandra root directory folder.


And that’s it. Enjoy working with Kundera