Requesting Honorable Member of Parliament give up canteen food subsidy

by Vivek Mishra

A mutton curry for Rs 20, chicken curry for Rs 29, boiled rice Rs 4, so is boiled egg, masala dosa for Rs 6, vada for Rs 2, puri with veg for Rs 2, non-veg meal for Rs 33, and a three course lunch for Rs 61, veg/egg/chicken sandwiches at just Rs 3/4/6, burger for Rs 17, pizza for Rs 20, low fat cream with fruits for Rs 19, custard with fruits (low fat milk) for Rs 23, roomali rotti, chapatti or pappad at just Re 1. And from the Winter Session 2014, Hyderabadi biriyanis for Rs 50 and 20 among other things to the menu.

This 95-item menu is not from a Socialist-run Restaurant at the end of the Universe, but from the four canteens at the Parliament in Delhi, where many legislators are increasingly pushing for subsidy cuts in food, fuel and fertilisers among other things

I request to all honorable MP’s. Please GIVE IT UP.  

Please comment if you agree/disagree.